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I am an artist and anthropologist. My work focuses on exploring the relationship between art and politics.

I am currently based in Jerusalem. Before that, until 2015, I was in Nevada, USA. I went there in 2011, in the footsteps of my maternal great grandfather. Whereas he came as a Basque sheepherder from rural France in the 1920s, I left Europe to take on the position of professor at the University of Nevada Reno’s Center for Basque Studies. I am French and Basque on my mother’s side, and British on my father’s, but consider myself at home in many places, currently learning Hebrew and Arabic.

  • In the Bar du Marché, Bayonne, with the owners, Basque Country, 2006.

  • Jeannot Erramun poses for me in Bar du Marché, Bayonne, Basque Country, 2006.

  • Painting Fleur du Désert, Florence, 2009. Photo by Niccoló Tognarini.

  • Landscape painting by the village of Sare, Basque Country, 2007.

  • Doing the portrait of Anna Mueller-Debus in Florence, 2009. Photo by Niccoló Tognarini.

  • Painting Arthur Weststeijn in Florence, Italy 2009. Photo by Niccoló Tognarini.

  • Niccoló Tognarini poses for me in Florence, Italy, 2009.

  • Nestor Basterretxea poses for me at his home in Hondarribia, Basque Country, 2009. Photo by Juan Pablo Zabala.

  • Doing the portrait of Jose Antonio Sistiaga at his home in Sokoa, Basque Country, 2010. Photo by Juan Pablo Zabala.

  • Working with Joan Arrizabalaga at her home in Reno, USA, 2012.

  • Painting Tom Blakely at the Chicago Arts Incubator, USA, 2013.

  • Frances Melhop posing for me in the motel room at NadaDada, Reno, USA, 2014. Photo by Jack Deming.

  • Working with Katie Stewart at the Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, USA, 2014. Photo by Craig Campbell.